Mabbon exercises and executes a development procedure that bestows its clients with cost-effectiveness and which is strictly adhered to a time frame. The methodology, however, is quite transparent and clear. We always keep our clients well informed and updated about the development phases of a project throughout its term.

Project Management: The Steps

  • Communication levels are maximized by entrusting clients to our Business Analysts (BA) and then technological department takes over the job.
  • Project Manager or Analyst transforms the entire communication process into Flowcharts, or Graphical representations, to eliminate communication barriers.
  • Soon after, our technical team takes over the project and stays in contact with the client for any further changes or updates. In between, the client can check the progress of his project as, a testing platform is allocated for each ongoing project, where the work is uploaded continuously.
  • Project manager makes sure that the work is uploaded, feedback is received and the required action is promptly taken. Our accreditation from STPI helps us to stay abreast with the latest technologies whilst cutting costs to the minimum and passing on the benefits to our clients.


  • The layout for Home page and subsequent levels is designed and finalized after peer and client review.
  • After approval, the execution team proceeds further with the HTMLization process of the solution into a prototype.


  • All content is integrated and the solution gets uploaded on our test servers so that client can check progress simultaneously.
  • Once the developmental milestones are achieved, the complete solution is again tested thoroughly.
  • Internal Testing – The entire solution is tested for adherence.
  • Usability Testing – Thorough usability testing is conducted after the internal testing to help the end-user with browsing and navigating.

Project Closure

  • Project Manager ensures completion of all deliverables.
  • The client acceptance is taken with a final project signed-off.


  • In case of any change requests, we enter into an agreement with the client wherein, the client is provided with the maintenance package, for a specific interval.
  • Impact Analysis is then performed and the changes are implemented and tested thoroughly before the project is handed over to the client.